Sir John and the Knights of the Long Table

Eleven of us live here at beautiful Schamelot, and we have a small 20 acre farm of chickens, emus, two dogs, 13 or so cats and a cockateil named Sassafrass.

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Altar Boy Training Video

Sancta Missa has recently uploaded an Altar Boy Training Video that is awesome!

In Sanguine Christi,

Tuesday, September 4, 2007

A Year With The Saints

"The soul that perseveres in the exercise of prayer, however many sins, temptations and falls of a thousand kinds the devil may oppose to it, may hold it for certain, after all, that the Lord will sooner or later rescue it from danger and guide it into the harbor of salvation."--St. Teresa

A Year With The Saints

"Souls that have no habit of prayer are like a lame and paralytic body, which, though it has hands and feet, cannot use them. Therefore, to abandon prayer seems to me the same thing as to lose the straight road; for as prayer is the gate through which all the graces of God come to us, when this is closed, I do not know how we can have any."--St. Teresa

A Year With The Saints

"Prayer well made gives much pleasure to the angels, and therefore it is much assisted by them; it gives great displeasure to the devils, and therefore is much persecuted and disturbed by them."--St. John Chrysostom

Saturday, September 1, 2007

A 16 year old boy's perspective...

I just have to share this story...

Last week we went to a presentation that our new priest gave on the Traditional Mass.

He intends to start offering it the evening of September 14.

Anyway, my girls wore their skirts, as they always do now in public, and several of the other girls were in their lovely skirts, too.

A few of the girls were not, however, but noticed the different attire.

They asked if they were supposed to wear skirts, to which one of the boys,

a 16 year old Legion of Mary member, replied,

"They're wearing skirts because they want to look pretty."

Enough said?

Another August Birthday!

Yesterday was Justin's 9th birthday. He wanted a watermelon cake--not a cake that looks like a watermelon, but an actual watermelon instead of a baked cake. We're not big cake lovers around here, but that may change after our oldest masters the art of cake decorating.
To his pleasant suprise he received a Gerber field knife from mom and dad.
His two older brothers gave him the book "The Squire and the Scroll," a beautiful story about the five rules a man (or a woman) must follow if he wishes to remain pure of heart. All the kids loved this story.
He also received a pair of digitized junior cammies from mom and dad...
And, of course, no Schamelot birthday could be complete without a Western--this from his two older sisters.

It was a happy birthday...

A Year With The Saints

"There is certainly nothing more useful than prayer. Therefore, we ought to entertain great esteem and love for it, and employ every effort to make it well."--St. Vincent de Paul

A Year With The Saints

"All that we do receives its value from conformity to the will of God. When I take food or recreation, if I do it because it is the will of God, I merit more than if I went to suffer death without that intention. Plant this principle firmly in your mind, and then at ever action fix your eyes upon it, in imitation of the carpenter, who brings every board under the square. Thus, you will do your work with perfection."--St. Francis de Sales