Sir John and the Knights of the Long Table

Eleven of us live here at beautiful Schamelot, and we have a small 20 acre farm of chickens, emus, two dogs, 13 or so cats and a cockateil named Sassafrass.

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Grampa's Punkins and Our Little Punkin

Bonnie's been at it again! I guess one of these will be October in next year's ALL calendar. She'll look so different then. Grampa will have to grow bigger punkins next year to make up for the difference!
Happy Autumn!


jill said...

Adorable! My favorite is the lower left.

Mau said...


I had a feeling I would come across you online one day! I found you at Real Learning. When I read Shamelot, I knew it had to be you.

Congratulations on the newest addition to your clan, a year ago! She is beautiful.

We have been planning to come to a Latin Mass for a long time. Hopefully after the Nutcracker and Christmas, we will make it to Saint Mary's.

We really need to get together again. The kids ask about your family a lot. They have such wonderful memories of visiting you.

Hopefully you'll check your blog soon. Until, God Bless you guys and give everyone a big hug.


Neuropoet said...

Oh my gosh - too cute! I found your blog while doing a google search on the Battle of Thermopylae - probably something that only homeschooling moms google... :) It's always fun to find the "home" of another Catholic homeschooling family - I'm quite excited! :) I'll drop by again...

Peace be with you,