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Saturday, December 12, 2009

Our Lady of Guadalupe

I found this cool folkart version of Our Lady of Guadalupe and Caeli and I thought it would be cool to paint it on glass. First we sized it to fit a small glass frame--the kind that's just a piece of glass with metal doohickies to hold it to the kick stand back. Then we put the picture behind the glass (I should have flipped the picture sideways before printing, but since it was a folkart version it doesn't look so weird. You would definitely want to flip it if you were painting a famous art work) and started painting. Since we were going to flip the glass over for the finished product, Caeli painted from the foreground back--drawing all the outlines and highlights first. Then she filled in the background colors--skin, clothes, sky, etc. When it was dry we flipped the glass over and assembled the frame.

Voila! Our own very folksy rendition of Our Lady of Guadalupe! The picture really doesn't do it justice--it's absolutely breathtaking in person! We've done this project with some other works of art and the kids all love it. I only remind them that we don't want it to look exactly like the picture, but like our own personalized rendition. That seems to alleviate any potential frustration. These make great gifts for grandparents, and only cost about $2 each!

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