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Thursday, August 16, 2007

Amateur Archeology

My Husband's sister and brother-in-law are professional archaeologists and they just brought over their latest finds from a dig they're on in a Union encampment in the Rappahannock area. All the artifacts in these pictures are from the Civil War era. My kids, self-professed amateur archaeologists, have learned so much from all the "little bits of junk" they've found, which really isn't junk, of course, but to the uneducated may seem like just a hunk of rusted metal, or broken glass. Here's what they found today:

This is an overview of their nicest finds. A wine bottle is in the top left corner. Underneath that is a piece of an apothecary bottle. Top center is an amo can buckle that has "US" on it. The diagonal piece is a rusted fire poker, and underneath, in the bottom right corner are the pieces in the picture below:
The large piece is stoneware, the elongated piece is a bullet. So it the piece pictured in the very top of the picture. The round, gray piece at center left is a button from a Union uniform.
This a close-up of the amo can buckle.
This is a close-up of the bottles.

My kids have also found prehistoric arrowheads, or "points," for the archaeologically savvy, around our yard. Yep, Virginia is a veritable archaeological goldmine! My kids love it!

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