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Eleven of us live here at beautiful Schamelot, and we have a small 20 acre farm of chickens, emus, two dogs, 13 or so cats and a cockateil named Sassafrass.

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

A Birthday!

Yesterday was our oldest son's fifteenth birthday. He's growing up to be such a good young man. We're very proud of him. To show him how proud of him we are my husband gave him a special gift...

This was just a warm up gift, a power tie by Ralph Lauren. He even knows how to tie it all by himself!

We're earth friendly here at Schamelot, so we rarely wrap presents (we're really just lazy!). He had to sit with his eyes closed for some time while his Dad layed out the whole spread.

His younger brothers were quite impressed with the gift and heightened his anticipation with comments like "Holy Cow!" and "No way! I am so jealous!"

His eyes are still closed and the loot just keeps piling up.

Finally, the moment we were all waiting for. The reaction. At first speechless, then the smile slowly creeping across his face, afraid to touch anything let it should all vanish--a black powder rifle with all the fixin's! What more could a 15 year old boy want?

Happy Birthday to our precious son of whom we are so proud. May he live a long and holy life in the bosom of his loving family!

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